Research is to see what everybody else has seen and think what nobody has thought.

Albert von Szent-Györgyi

We provide the following services:

Mathematical Modelling and System Analysis:

Mathematical models are the foundation of many scientific and technological endeavors. They can be developed explicitly or emerge implicitly from hands-on approaches often used in software development or engineering. On any scale system analysis can be applied retrospectively to identify adequate models of a system and enable rigorous analysis, simulation or control. Furthermore, the mathematics of dynamical systems are applicable to a multitude of interdisciplinary topics, including physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, economics and sociology. The devised formal system models can in every case provide substantial insights to avoid or correct erroneous behavior. We offer system analysis and mathematical modelling services for systems of any type or scale with emphasis on the adequate identification of underlying mathematical structures.

High Security System Design and Implementation​:

We work on security critical systems with military applications. Our experience includes the following: Developing simulation algorithms for the interaction of electromagnetic pulses created by high altitude nuclear explosions (HEMP) with complex structures. Designing critical power grid infrastructure components. Design and prototyping of a new communication stack for real-time transaction settling that is reliable enough to satisfy central bank security needs.

Literature Search, Summary and Facilitation:

If a problem solution is in principle known but the details in available papers seem to be hidden behind a wall of mathematics. We provide an extended literature search, summarize the content and facilitate its use by reducing the required math to the minimum required. If necessary, we additionally offer training in mathematics tailored to the problem at hand.

Software Development:

We adopt and implement algorithms to specific problem or system constraints. We program in C, C++, Assembly, Python, Haskell and anything else that is well specified.

Simulation Services:

We provide simulation services using self developed or third party solutions, if available. For example, in our cooperation with LAPP Insulators we use self developed finite element algorithms and software for solving electro-quasistatic problems that where and still seem to be intractable for common commercial of the shelf (COTS) solutions.

IT Services:

With respect to the above software development and simulation services we can provide basic IT administration services.