Our Company:

We have a strong background in mathematics, physics and engineering as well as a lot of experience in computational simulations and software development for numerical methods. In that realm, the focus is on large scale nonlinear problems and coupled multi-physical problems. Our objective is to provide our customers with insight to their complex real world problems based on scientific understanding of tangible phenomena, mathematical modelling, numerical simulations and software development. In recent years we gained experience in developing byzantine failure tolerant, high security systems in combination with trading and transaction settlement systems.

Historically WissTec has been founded two times. Initially it was founded in 1991 by Dipl. Math. Michael Scholz in Schenefeld near Hamburg in Germany with a focus on the following services: After the retirement of Dipl. Math. Michael Scholz the company has been newly founded in 2015 as WissTec R&D Services in Munich in Germany, where Dipl. Math. Michael Scholz still functions as a senior advisor. With the second generation staff we have extended our services to:

Our Team:

Dipl.-Math. Dipl.-Phys. Eike Michael Scholz

Eike is the current CEO of WissTec R&D Services. He is a professional nerd, whole hearted applied mathematician and freethinker. Further, he is an old hacker, whose security related phd thesis projects sadly did not turn out well for him. Additional information can be found in is curriculum vitae and on linkedin.

Dipl.-Math. Michael Scholz

Michael initially founded WissTec in the early 90s and is still on board as senior advisor in its newest incarnation. Additional information can be found on linkedin.