Open Projects:

WissTec R&D Services is committed to the idea of finding new ways to increase the value of the common good that is public research. We believe, that the current focus on university systems is insufficient to address the research needs required to solve upcoming global challenges like climate change and raising the standard of living everywhere on the globe. While the universities have some time tested systems in place, they can not offer a sufficient amount of research positions and thus create an extensive researcher supply glut in the system. This glut will, due to the inevitable false positive rate, spam tenure tracks with insufficiently competent researchers. This problem will be further discussed in an upcoming formalized mathematical modeling paper. A solution to this problem seems to be the flowing "policy": The common researcher career incorporates work at private research companies like WissTec before going back to university tenure tracks with maximum freedom in topic selection. Researchers that do not get a tenure track position, might still archive equivalent freedom by gaining economic independence via successful industry research.

Our open projects contain research results and open source code we try to fund via public fund-raisers and patreon. Please support us on patreon, if you find our public research supportworthy.

The PSDP Reference Implementation:

This is a new Internet (IPv6) transport layer protocol with the following properties:

This protocol is the lowest layer of a new banking double entry bookkeeping backbone developed to replace the old crypto-processors from the time when hardware could be validated. The design approach is that of RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) and extended to use nodes on different hardware with different operating systems. To be trustworthy and allowing for maximal adaption it is released as open source at:

Osiris - The psdp reference implementation

The "Legal Sabotage" Journal:

Computer systems are not the only systems that can be hacked. In fact any rule based systems can be, if they are improperly designed. Legal Sabotage is an upcoming (eta: end of 2020) peer-viewed security journal with focus on abuse of social systems via primarily legal means. It is targeted to rely on mathematical modeling that proofs weaknesses in social systems. The mathematical models ought then be guides to avoid pitfalls in legislation and structuring private organizations. An upcoming reference paper example on competence hierarchy corruption attacks will be released soon.

The MetaCore Programming Language:

MetaCore is a many years old ongoing hobby project of Eike Scholz to improve his programming skills and design a programming language that is optimally fit for his and WissTec's requirements. Commercial support, if required, is provided by WissTec. It is currently pre-alpha stage, but all language components have been more or less decided and tested in many earlier prototypes. However, composition into a final working prototype and reference implementation is pending. The code in the repository below is thus pre-alpha:

Metacore's Gitlab Repo