On this site we collect erratas of releases, that are to small to warrant overworking everything.

Optimal Residual Formulations (by Eike Scholz) :

While the newly developed optimal residual formulations work, which is proven by implementation and examples, there is a local error in newly developed accompanying theory. There is single transfinite induction proof that is wrong. Prof. Dr. Lauterbach was able to construct a local counterexample. I was wary and indicated that in the footnotes of the thesis but was told by my then superior Prof. Dr. Clemens to hurry up and finish the work. As an applied mathematician (and physicist) who follows a "Lacatonian" methodology (see Proofs And Refutations by Imre Lakatos") I agreed that minor errors are in that context tolerable and committed the thesis. Then I waited for over a year and somehow a feedback about this local error did not reach me in time. The problem can be corrected by the addition of some general continuity conditions. The thesis is not accordingly updated since that is of little important for practical applications and on the level of rigor commonly ignored by working theoretical physicists. I now this is annoying physicists habit. It always had been for me when I was learning my craft, but time management requires to let things be at one point in time.

But sadly that is not the end of the story of this particular errata but the beginning of being unable to finish my unrelated phd thesis.