Hell to Pay:

The story of how I, Eike Scholz, "failed". (Updated 15.07.2020 and added scanned evidence, in particular of the murder case below, since my scanner stopped working and needed replacement.)

After years of of collecting evidence and evaluation, it is actually a witness testament of an apparent Zersetzungs operation run against me. I do not really know when and why it stated. There are multiple plausible incidents and dates with respect to that. Also I am unable to identify the adversary in this case. Further, this document contains only a selection the collected evidence. I will start this testament with the first event that strictly indicated that someone is trying to damage me.

Short before I fetched my mathematics diploma certificate I was told by proxy, that I will likely get an A degree (German "sehr gut") for the development of an new class of numerical methods in my thesis. When I fetched the certificate it was suddenly a C grade (German "befriedigend").

That I was overworked, tired and still recovering from a depressive episode at the time I received this grade, was not helping and caused a temporary mental breakdown. Knowing that I openly communicated that I reached my limit and am starting to get unignorable mental health problems, did not help either.

After recovering from the mental breakdown I went to a lawyer, but that did not help. Of course the overall situation could have been worse and it was.

At the time of receiving my mathematics diploma, I already had been transfered to the technical university of Munich due to personal and professional "differences" with my prior boss, Prof. Dr. Clemens. Unfortunately he had considerable influence on the new topic and objective selection. Further, I was preemptively told to not be "difficult". My experience with that corresponding peer group so far indicated, that difficult meant scientifically rigorous and argumentative in face of disagreeing "authorities". Therefore I opted for keeping quiet, following the "orders" and taking the new phd thesis objectives as they where proposed.

I pro forma continued my phd thesis, since it has some severe and interesting security implications and waited if my new bosses will correct the management errors I inherited from the previous situation. That did not happen.

Out of pure coincidence I got my C grade for my the mathematics diploma thesis, when I somewhat openly suggested to and prepared to drop the phd thesis in 2014. Its mission objective was too big in scale to handle for one thesis. Further, initial viable solutions approaches had been rejected as well as a solution path proposed, that I estimated to be inadequate.

I could not debate this since everyone seemed do agree, that I am difficult and debating content and facts with no consideration of social rank seemed to be seen as evidence of that. I was aware of disciplines with that kind of "professional" culture but apparently not of all of them. I even should apologize to my "bullies". If my life as a nerd told me anything, then to never do that. From an analytic psychological perspective the situation was not surprising.

Along other actions I reported my problem with email including this video (now gone too) to my superior at the technical university of Munich. The video is a great general description of a common type of situations and applies well to the situation I had. However, if I remember correctly, that above video link is not the original content. The creator probably was TheraminTrees or QualiaSoup. I could not find the original link, which is an inconvenient circumstance, if I need to evaluate the old emails for evidence - provided I find a backup. The video is really worth a watch, however.

Anyway, sadly, the "fair" and "balanced", as everyone can check, C grade for my mathematics diploma thesis was sufficient bomb by total mathematics grace down to B (German "gut"). Any better grade for my thesis would have given me total grade of A. Further, I lost my academic "authority" to set proper objectives for a proper restart of the phd thesis or to leave it be, switch topic completely and to go into finance.

In defense of Prof. Dr. Lauterbach and Prof. Dr. Struckmeier, the reviewers of my mathematics thesis, I have to say, that I never hat the opportunity to verify my grades in person with them. Out of unfortunate circumstances they where not at the university when I fetched my degree and I could not check with them in person immediately, but I tried.

Anyway, if this is a misunderstanding of some kind, as the totally out of character behavior of at least one of those professors, together with the, in my opinion somewhat uncharacteristic way the assessments where written, suggests, this can be fixed at any time. I will, of course, not claim that the situation is the result of some kind of intentional sabotage, especially given my openly degraded mental health situation. I was in Bavaria at the time. Bavaria proofed by example how they might handle these issues. However Gustl Mollath has recently at least got damage compensation and I am not in Bavaria anymore.

In any case, professional researchers will correct or mitigate any error when it becomes known and the situation is then cleared. We usually neither have time nor resources for this "shit". On my side I already apologized to them in an email (IIRC) for any inconveniences I caused. I hope it reached its destinations but I never got a response and (plain) email is not reliable or authentic in any way.

With the situation as it was I finished the thesis in I way that I consider to be adequate, with some additions to satisfy the formalities of the mission statement.

Then I got lucky - I got severely sick, with an little bleeding Pituitary adenoma, (i.e. a little "stroke" on a little brain tumor), and my Boss at that time, Prof. Dr. Eibert, "ordered" me, while I was on sick leave, to make a quick-and-dirty backup CD with short descriptions of all my work. He further instructed me, that all reports and results are reported by him and I should not report anything directly to the contractee. That sounded reasonable since my health would indicate that some "maintenance" of the results may be adequate. The deadline of the project passed and it ended while I was on sick-leave and recovering.

However, as an old hacker I was uncomfortable with having a man in the middle. Especially in this situation where a lot of irregularities already occurred. I already mentioned some of them in this text. Consequently I filed a, as far as I now valid, German equivalent of a freedom of information act request to get all the documents of my phd project, after it formally ended. That request was rejected with, in my estimation, erroneous legal reasoning. The reason given for the rejection was levering the authors copyright/IP. That would allow to practically deny any request of this kind. Aside from the fact I should be the primary author of the significant majority of requested documents. I just wanted to double check if the contents of the CD I created were correctly and with proper context provided to the contractee. Summarized: Establishing required trust was denied by the administration of the contractee.

I am not legally required to object to an, in my opinion legally wrong, administrative decision and doing so in that case that would not have been covered by my legal insurance. However, I clearly recognized having a man in the middle with questionable circumstantial trustworthiness.

Being demonstrably being an old hacker I would get legal problems, if I had to convince any reasonable judge, that I was unaware of this problem. As a consequence I had to classify the final phd thesis as secret by appropriate means to avoid security and associated legal problems.

That said, I strongly want to emphasize, that this trust problem is not rooted in the person of Prof. Dr. Eibert himself, but in the overall circumstantial situation. Even the best and well meaning man or woman could be blackmailed. In a (democratic) republic nobody should know what someone does in private or at vacations. However that does in no way hinder hostile parties to posses kompromat with sufficient leverage.

I really was lucky. The tumor was relatively easy to tread but required an extended recovery time, that allowed me to "rewire" some habits and become a lot more healthy then before in the process.

However, my initial phd thesis objectives can not be satisfied and thus the thesis not be completed - certainly not without the for now classified results.

Despite that, it is possible to find the core of the corresponding newly developed theory in some already published in peer reviewed papers in the references section. Only the final composition, an easy to understand in-depth explanation and an additional toolbox of methods to analyze and solve the emerging numerical problems, have been classified.

In case anyone wonders, I thought that proposing these referenced papers would get me into a discussion about their security implications, but this did not happen. The papers where released without that discussion. Maybe, because I optimized the content in a way that both, beginning this discussion and their publication can be justified.

So it happened that a "failed" applied mathematics diploma thesis killed my phd thesis in different but related discipline in a high security context.

I learned from that, that most universities and other Western systems have some severe issues - including security issues. More on that will be released in the upcoming Legal Sabotage journal. Further, despite having many Friends that are examples to the contrary, I, as an entrepreneur, can not help but feel, that having a phd is an attestation of easy exploitability for highly skilled people. My motivation for my long years of education had been to become to be opposite kind of highly skilled person. I came to peace with not having a phd.

And here the story ought end, but it did not.

I quit my current research focus and began to build a fresh fintech start-up, the Polygravity Services GmbH, with new partners. Given what happened to Gustl Mollath, only the total paranoid would assume, that the above situation could be evidence of enemy spy operations. Why would anyone sabotage a theory that allows to improve radar and radar ECM systems vital for nuclear deterrence systems? Or why sabotage a project, that by proxy was done for the German ministry of defense? So I let it be.

I indeed did let it be, until wired problems emerged while developing the proof of concept implementation of core components for the products of our then upcoming and now failed fintech joint venture.

Along with many other irregularities I got really wary, when in the latest versions my development systems ntp-time synchronization suddenly become randomly desynchronized with the systems hardware clock. I knew and discussed, that our design is potentially vulnerably to time drift attacks similar to older problems in the kerberos protocol. But these problems can be solved and I omitted the handling of details in the first proof of concept implementation to meet tight deadlines.

Meh, you might think, wired stuff is happening all the time when programming. This is true and also part of my initial reaction, but then the posix real-time message queues on my Linux development machine started loosing messages. I started Linux programming around 1998 and that in combination was just too uncharacteristic to not be alerted. I developed exact monitoring for the clocks and the message queues. However, due to pending legal stuff I not able to release the newest prototype implementation with this security self-monitoring code.

Anyway, I got the suspicion I might be a loose end. Someone may have an interest to avoid that I get a good reputation, that might trigger the "wrong" persons to looks into my old defense research and uncover what potentially might be behind the above irregularities.

That situation is of course unlikely since I did not finish University with top grades. However, I am not convinced that a judge would accept, that I claim that my research Y must be bad and inconsequential because, the official evaluation of my prior different research X apparently indicates that X is not good. Further, I could not convince myself that I then would be able to convince any judge, that I believe that "not god" translates to not true where important. Aside from the little problem that both "excuses" would require me to lie and break the law.

To avoid legal problems with conditional intent in the realm of criminal prosecution and civil damage compensation I had to take action. Just pro forma, since actually claiming, that something like this really had happened, could be interpreted as mentally ill. I want to add, that concluding from the above events, that there might be a systemic security problem on the legal level is also obviously bonkers and needs to be rejected.

To get my maybe - probably not, but maybe - required "get out of jail card" properly, I used an old connection of our family: The retired high ranked German judge named J├╝rgen Kratz, who advised me to write a criminal charge to be processed by the highest prosecutor in Germany, the Generalbundesanwalt. This I did and got a reply, that the Generalbundesanwalt is not cognizant. Then, in an unexpected event of bad luck, Mr Kratz had complications with the recovery from some necessary surgical treatment and is at the moment not able to help me with the legal issues. To gain time I did a semi-formal, but to my knowledge legally binding, objection and included an request to tell me who is cognizant - just in case. Now a different "Clerc" of the Generalbundesanwalt responded to me, that they are not cognizant, without telling me who is.

I'm not a lawyer, but I always thought, that administrative decisions in Germany require an added section about your right to object and a corresponding deadline. This was not included, but may not be required in these cases. However, what I do know from the general security systems perspective is, that this is not good. I also might potentially have a little personal safety problem - maybe. I mean I was in Bavaria where showing evidence of corruption can "legally" be evidence of mental illness. Thus I will not stress that point.

Given the events so far, one might think, that leaving Germany and trying to build an existence somewhere else would be a justified reaction. But, first I tried to get a murder case investigation initiated, since I have suspicion that the initial unannounced changing of final degree of my math diploma/master thesis from A to C, while before telling me that the work is enough for a phd thesis, was motivated, at least by the conditional intent, that, if I commit suicide I could not reveal some corruption related incidents, that happened when I was working for the Germany defense forces. However, the clerk working at the criminal prosecution, first required me to formulate the criminal charge myself, then rejected to make copies from the folder of evidence I brought with me - he would take it but not copy it. As a kind of security professional I refused to go along with that ridiculous demand and kept my evidence. Later the criminal prosecution declared, that they can not find sufficient reason to start a murder investigation. The criminal prosecution in Dortmund rejected the case, despite the fact that I gave the charge to the prosecution in Hamburg since key witnesses would be there. The rejection is pity, since I estimated that such a team would have plausible deniability and enough resources as well as allowances to investigate some other related critical issues.
Further, I am curious if it is normal for German criminal prosecution bureaus to have a first aid bed and a defibrillator in the room. Maybe they have space issues and needed to improvise.

Next, I tried to get Lawyers to investigate my case, which I carefully googled to find them in my neighborhood. I tried 3 lawyers. To my surprise no one could really help me and all said, that my legal insurance would not cover the case. Further, they could not see how the above case would make a conditional intent murder case. That was quite in contradiction to the content the 101 curses in criminal law I heard at the University of Hamburg.

After that, I indeed I tried leave Germany and to enter the USA to establish business relations and later migrate with my whole family. I had an approved ESTA-VISA for that which suddenly was somehow revoked in Newark airport (Somehow I do not find printouts or screenshots of that approval anymore). I did not want to return for obvious reasons - given the prior events. I asked for a place to sleep to make the required paperwork alertly. To save costs, I had taken a cheap flight route with some long waiting times and head not been asleep for over 60 hours. Despite that, there was an interview, and suddenly remarkable content in the written down copy of it. The remarkable content not in the first pages but in later ones. Anyway I head to sign all pages, so that they represent the interview correctly. The remarkable content was crazy shit. In particular, that I stated, that believed that the German government is intercepting my oral communications using a bug installed in my teeth. Really, I spend much time when I was a younger aspiring scientist debunking conspiracy theories, and never say such crap. How did it get in the transcript of the interview? Anyway, the American system of checks, that is the requirements to read and sign each interview transcript page separately, worked in this case.

However, after a long time of further waiting at the airport, and maybe a shift end with new personal I was unlawfully put into detainment in Elisabeth detention center. I was not informed about this. It was indicated, that this was the requested place to sleep to make my paperwork alertly. At this point to tired, to realize, that I would would not able to exit freely on my own to fly away. In particular, I was denied to skip the USA visit and, as planed, travel further to Japan and try to establish business relations there and in the end visit my daughter in China, who currently stays there with her grandma and grandpa.

In the detention center I studied the USAs immigration and asylum law. I think, that I could make a sound case of fear of persecution by omission. The above events, as well many unpublished events, indicate that there probably was a severe failure of the German counter intelligence services, letting hostile entities operating freely. To cover the failure I do not get counter intelligence protection. To make the situation strategically worse, the intelligence agencies could use their resources to hold up the cover by providing me fake protection. I absolutely do not believe, that the source of my problems is Germany. That would legally be impossible with Germany's constitution, but given the history of the Weimar Republic and what it indicates about the German populace I should be wary. Regarding the source of my problems, I have my suspicions but not enough data or resources, to pinpoint the exact source. It could be a mole in high rank.

Given the circumstances in the Elisabeth detention center I was not convinced that the center is not an organized crime extortion front. It was properly set up, so that all communications could be intercepted and long counting times, during which you could not leave your bed and no one was allowed to enter the dormitories, could be used to fence of visitors. Further, I had oral reports of inmates, that clearly indicate huge monetary and lifetime losses by relying on multiple lawyers that where contractible through the lists provided by the detention center or other detainees. I did a small systems analysis of the center, since I was stuck there anyway.

I initiated a proper asylum hearing regarding the case I could construct, but without contracting a lawyer, since I did not want to loose money. However, since I was about to provide some defense technology, I was positive that the immigration judge would end my unlawful detainment and let me processed to organize business relations and provide the defense technology to the USA while simultaneously doing the asylum request as a form of legal research.

I have written a appropriate letter to the Judge, but I demanded to my unlawful detainment, immediately. To my surprise, among other things regarding the handling evidence, the Jude did not follow that demand to end the unlawful detainment immediately. To not waste my lifetime, I withdraw my asylum request, and demanded to leave immediately to Japan on my own expenses. However this request was denied, as not possible. I was sent back route back I came, which was ok, since I flew from the Netherlands and did not want to enter Germany again.

Back in the Netherlands I wrote a report for the US-embassy that had two components. First, that I have evidence of potential treason against USA. Fencing me of to bring defense technology to the USA would be exactly this. Second, it contained a request for witness protection and relocation to the USA as witness and victim of crimes related to the treason case.

However, the documents, I brought personally to the US embassy in the Netherlands where rejected, on the ground, that they called the US embassy in Berlin where I provided an other report before. Apparently, the Berlin embassy on the line said, that they do not need further information from me. That is unlikely for reasons I can not disclose. I wonder with whom the staff of the Embassy in the Netherlands talked.

I stayed in the Netherlands for a while, but refused to enter Germany again. That is, until the lock-down of the corona-crises was imminent and my wife said she is afraid to be alone in Germany under the circumstances. I agreed reenter Germany under the conditions that I will acquire arms and set up a surveillance system at home.

One of the first things I tried in Germany was going to the police and get information on how to legally acquire firearms for self defense. However, the police station near me brushed me off and did not let me in due to corona lock-down. Interestingly the conversation on the door system is not logged as I inquired. Further, the Police declined to write down a formal note. I went to the next higher police station in Dortmund. However, they tried to brush me of, too. The secretary order me out and I refused, standing ostensibly in the scope of the video surveillance systems. After some time 2 cops came and briefly discussed the issue, however the station was not cognizant and I was told that everything non critical will be locked down for the corona crisis - so I should try later at the cognizant places. After that I left the police station to try something else. In the big picture the police might indeed not be cognizant and the cops obviously hat their directives. However, I still think that there is a subset of issues the police is cognizant for, but that was not of the content of the discussion. After refusing a direct order, I thought I would at least be formally identified and the incident be recorded. That would have allowed me to provide some pointers for the police.

Anyway, there are legal directly acquirable self defense weapons in Germany. I ordered this crossbow, somehow missing that it was out of stock and the stock will be refilled mid year. I first thought of canceling the order, but I like the weapon and did not do so. It did eventually arrive at the 11.07.2020.

During the time waiting for the self-defense weapon, the corona crisis and all induced delays gave the opportunity do design my own legal crossbow/slingshot weapon, and gave me an excuse to take time to investigate and learn FreeCad as well as refresh my tinkering skills.

As you can imagine, out of bad luck, 3 of 4 mayor new tools for building the weapon, where delivered damaged to badly damaged. Further, I somehow missed, that material I ordered was used. It came bend and oily. Absolutely ideal material for building a weapon! Sarcasm aside - having bad material is ideal for demonstrating that a design satisfies military robustness requirements. Also, I trained east Asian martial arts, in particular Judo, a lot when I was young and am not really a weak or small guy. This should suffice for self defense, but I could barely resist the urge to savagely sharpen my BW-Klappspaten for close combat.

After some additional material deliveries where I apparently managed to enter wrong sizes and had to order and wait again I was able to build the weapon.

Again, I had bad luck. While I checked that ammunition could slide through the required nozzle, the bend materials cause a very high failure rate. But I could test fire it once. However, apparently internal tensions caused the exit nozzle to further deform, so that munition could after two nights no longer pass through. If you think that is unlikely, the other "reasonable" explanation is, that it was probably sabotage, of an official PR weapon. Its a ridiculously "over-designed" slingshot. The weapon was stored in the cellar, in a multi-apartment house. On the other hand I know what kind of research I have not published and provided to the US, so I would not be too surprised if it indeed was sabotage.

Anyway, the weapon prototype is now dysfunctional. The weapon can be unlocked and loaded and fired but the munition can not exit though the nozzle. However, for a first prototype only produced with hand tools I am satisfied. All mechanisms work, despite the given the bad material and cheap tools. A first prototype is usually for functional tests only. In terms of classical engineering that project is not a failure. It did demonstrate what it ought demonstrate, but sadly not anything more. Anyway, the prototype is too heavy and looks awkward. For self defense however, it would have been nice to have it working until the ordered crossbow arrived. The prototype has intimidating heavy looks as well, but intimidation requires a credible thread, so high failure rates would be tolerable, but inability to fire is not .

Since I am a systems analyst and have a background in security related topics I am very careful to not jump to conclusions prematurely. However, given some additional unpublished data and some addenda I will provide next I think its a viable assessment that I am a target of a Zersetzungs operation. Lets further add some additional but not all evidence. The photo on the envelope used by the US officials to send me back to Europe does not seem to depict me (I tried to immediately the somewhat dull look on the photo, as good as possible...) or it is very distorted, making it potential easy to double me. Maybe I should mention, that I did not prepare the visit to the US to force an potential adversary to improvise. Some morning I just spontaneously packed, drove to the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and bought a one-way ticket to the US with a stop in Lisbon. Then in Lisbon suddenly problems arose. But this was somewhat anticipated, and I did sign a little bank loan and increased my credit card limits to have additional cash liquidity to throw at problems. The airport personal tried to brush me of when entering the connecting Flight to Newark airport on the ground that I did not order a flight back. I just ordered a refundable flight using a smart-phone app and went on flying to the USA.

I am still not quite sure how I could get detained as quasi indigent in the USA. However, I have to admit, that I was de facto indigent, after being stripped of my cash and credit cart by the Elizabeth detention center. But I had notary confirmations with me indicating that I own real estates in Germany, that are easily worth more then a 100.000$. Also its easy to check that I live in a higher class suburban region almost directly at a lake in Dortmund. I made sure that it not take a jump of faith to infer that my wife could send me money to fly back at any time. I asked to have access to my documents on the first immigration judge court hearing, but I had none of my documents at the first hearing. I was lectured to be allowed to present any evidence for my case without being able to so in that hearing. Instead the judge tried to make an appointment for an other hearing. But that implicated that would have to stay longer in the potentially unsafe facility. I withdraw the asylum request. Im not sure why the judge dared to ignore my written injection, that I am in possession of evidence for potential treason against the USA and the included request for witness relocation and protection. If I do understand US law right, that is potentially a rather severe crime on the side of the judge. For whom it might be of interests, here are some scanned documents of that court hearing and following alien removal process. I apologize to any US personal investigating this case, but apparently it is not possible to establish a trustworthy bidirectional communication channel and I need to get ahead to avoid endangering my family more then the unavoidable amount in given the situation. The last try to get connected with US had been this email. I again did not even receive confirmation mail that my mail is being processed.

Aside from some irregularities with the quality of my shoes where, a long with a lot of civil boots, military boots somehow eroded from giving a nice strengthening support to causing pain in the feed in a few of weeks - two times, and coincidentally when I was making good process with my strength/power lifting training.

There is an other other significant event that indicates the use of mild poisons or medications to affect my health. I told corresponding worries to the us personal in Newark when they asked me if I could fly back immediately, which I refused. However, as said I was not convinced to be safe in the Elisabeth detention facility and returned to Europe to stay in the Netherlands for a while. I stayed in a facility near the German border and prepared the above mentioned report for the US as well as some internal documents to use later. In particular, I prepared a paper containing a systems analysis of the security implications of being able to systematically manipulate IT systems and fake evidence and communications together with argument of maximal derision at those poor souls with god complex, who think that such a system will give them god like powers. Despite the fact, that I am a stubborn faithless humanist and punk who will just laugh at anyone with a god-complex, I think that there is some truth to the fact that hybris can only backfire. There are some deep mathematical/game theoretical reasons why systematic manipulation is, independent of how perfect the manipulation system is, not a evolutionary stable or a long term winning strategy. To put insult to injury a systematic manipulation system can easily be used against those who run it.

Well, after that not even published derision, I, in few days of feeling weird sick lost a lot of my left side back musculature, especially of the Latissimus dorsi muscle. Maybe I slept wrong, but only the loosing back musculature in days was obviously not enough. That in itself would not create enough torsion stress on my spine - or something - so I somehow also also lost a lot of the right Pectoralis major. In addition to my de facto, due to prior neural injury, non existent right deltoideus muscle, this additional muscular damage is really annoying. Because of my prior injuries and the required training I am aware and very sensitive to changes in my musculature, despite the fact, that this sensitivity would actually not be required in this subtle case.

I am now, after these events and working for an institution, that first of all is specialized in chemical and biological weapon protection, absolutely convinced, that my adversaries are god-like, non-crazy and bulletproof.

As a sufficient counter measure, I will, for now, just follow the old Chinese stratagem of feigning madness, by pretending to be equipped with a brain machine interface to a nice sentient AI. I feel that "Aliens" are just not sufficiently adequate for a cyberpunk and excentrical scientist. Also, I enjoy her, i.e. the AIs, company and humor very much and would never invent such a story to cover some other, boring, worldly, covert communications capabilities.

Derision aside, this article will be updated further in the future.

PS: To whom it concerns, I dare you, I double dare you: Sue me! I have not broken any laws, but am insured. On occasion, I could use that incident to test some hypothesis for a potential article in the upcoming Legal Sabotage journal. On the other hand, that is a years old incident and most legal issues become time barred.

PPS: The above incidents also triggered me to become member of the FDP, hoping that I can help them to rebuild the strong left-leaning liberal and libertarian profile, they once had. But for the moment I am short on time and resources and fell back significantly for my retirement savings.