FEM Development, Analysis and Simulation:

We aided the product development of the Lapp Insulators GmbH with their non linear low frequency high voltage problems, that could not be solved with commercial of the shelf components due to their extremely ill conditioned nature. For this we developed robust and efficient finite element method (FEM) time domain solvers that are able to solve large scale problems featuring nonlinear materials (permittivity and conductivity) and provided numerical analysis for coupled thermo-electrical problems as well.

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Example - HV-bushings for GIS:

CAD-model for the simulation Potential distribution Electric field distribution

Example - Outdoor insulators with nonlinear field grading materials (Cooperation with Lapp Insulator GmbH):

Example - Compact bushing with nonlinear field grading materials (Cooperation with Lapp Insulators GmbH):

Example - Reduction of water drop corona using nonlinear field grading materials: